The Beginning

      Color and Comfort are what inspired me to launch Anora Cotton. Growing up in India, I was surrounded by bright and inviting colors. The effect of colors on us can be quite powerful. Colors can trigger emotions, inspire us, calm us, and fill our soul with happiness. Due to India's tropical climate, cotton was always the fabric of choice since it is breathable, wicks moisture, and stays comfortably cool against skin.

    Being pampered this way sure made it difficult living without them in California. All I wanted were fabrics with a pop of color when I walked into my home and were so comfortable that I could snuggle in them all day. Most importantly, not break the bank! So, I solved my problem. Each time I went back to India, I brought back bedding with me. Every time I had company over, they absolutely fell in love with these fabrics. Very soon, my suitcases from India had more sheets than clothes.

    I just knew then, there had to be more who would appreciate a lush experience like this. With that, in June 2015, I launched Anora Cotton from my living room here in sunny California. Our first launch sold out immediately and ever since it has been an exciting journey. We have been growing with more designs that make us happy and come with unparalleled comfort.

    My simple wish is to make you go 'it's so good to be home!'. Enjoy a part of my country in your home.